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July 25.2001

Country Roads was a huge success. The trails that Dan Eakins and his
Band of Merry Trail Blazers developed were a great improvement. They
tell me "this is only the beginning!". This group spent many days
preparing the trails and deserve most of the credit for an outstanding
event. I can't wait until next year.

We had an impromptu auction at the Friday nite dinner for the benefit of
the flood victims. It began with a custom grille guard donated by Ron
of Bayshore 4x4 and 7 event shirts. Then Dan Eakins donated 2 origional
Country Roads signs and auction items began to come out of the
woodwork. We raised over $10,000 that will be donated to flood victims
in the Beckley area. Many thanks to all who donated items and
especially those who made those generous bids for a worthy cause. There
will be a more complete story in the next Club newsletter next month..

Many thanks to everyone who attended the event. You helped the Club
demonstrate that the Partnership between the Club and the WV Stream
Restoration Group is a winning proposition for all concerned.

There is a nationwide Video News Release on the Partnership that will
begin to be shown on most of the major TV networks on July 25. It is
only a minute and a half so we could only touch on the high points, but
it should help spread the message that the Club is a leader in positive
environmental action. We will notify everyone if we can get any
broadcast times.

I would like to speak with Club members who have public relations
experience and who may be willing to advise, assist, consult or
otherwise help direct the Club's PR effort in West Virginia and other
areas. Please contact me by e-mail <rbomhoff@home.com> or phone at

by Ron Bomhoff


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April 12.2000

Dear Mr. Yasuyuki Oi, 

I will add your new Hummer Owners Club of Japan to the listing on Hummer Central.    

Hummer Central  http://www.humr.com/humrcentral.html

Thanks ,                        

  Ron Bomhoff , Vice President 


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April 13.2000   

Dear Mr. Yasuyuki Oi, 

I've changed the URL to 
< http://www.oi-clinic.com/hummer/>. 

I'm sorry but I didn't notice the different URL. 
You have a great webpage. Keep up the good work. 
Please contact me if I can be of further assistance. 

Ron Bomhoff , Vice President 


E-mail from     BigHUMMER.COM

April 13.2000

I really enjoyed your site. With your permission, I would like to put a link from my new Hummer page to yours. If you get the chance , could you put a link on your site to my page www.BigHummer.com ? I will be adding new content daily. It's a brand new page. I've already been getting about 1000 hits per day on it. You already have my friend's site RedHummer.com on your page.
Let me know if I can be of any help. Keep up the great work on your page.

                    Patrick Scranton


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August 27.2000   


    I would like to personally thank everyone who has registered.
Because Hummer Homecoming 2000 is a first for The Hummer Club, this
early return has been very helpful in planning the activities.  We are
looking forward to a great event!
   In the past week Hummer owners should have received the personal
invitation letter from James Armour, Pres & CEO of AM General.  In
consideration of this effort, the deadline has been moved to September
    At this time we have reached 150 plus registered trucks.  We must
receive all additional registration forms, with payment, on or before
September 10.   Everyone must pre-register by mail.  Because of the size
of this landmark event, we will not be able to accept new registrations
after this deadline.
    For those who have registered, we will be sending out a
confirmation, final schedules and other information around the end of

    Most of the Caravan Routes are now posted at
<thehummerclubinc.com>.  If you want to caravan and no caravan route is
planned, contact Dan Eakins <thebigred1@bagman1.com>    Over half of the
150 registrants have indicated an interest in the Caravans so we are
expecting these groups to be a major feature of the event.

Ron Bomhoff
Hummer Homecoming Event Coordinator


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June 26.2001   

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*** Country Roads 2001 Last Chance! ***

 In 22 days many of us will converge on Beckley,WV for the 3rd annual
Country Roads 2001 Event. We
have a great event put together for you this year, but the deadline is
approaching fast. The last day for registration is July 1, 2001.

The apparel deadline has all ready passed, so don't miss out on the
event East of the Mississippi River.

You can view all the information for this event at the Hummer Clubs web
<http://thehummerclubinc.com/Events/CountryRoads/country_roads.htm>  .

If you have any questions about this event you can contact Dan Eakins at

Hope to see you on the playground!

Dan Eakins
Event Coordinator